Welcome to Grosvenor Aircraft

John Kistner, the owner of Grosvenor Aircraft was, for 20 years, the owner of Mistral Aviation, UK distributors for Avions Robin.  During this time he was selling all types of Robins, including the famous wood 4 seat DR 400/500 series, and also the metal 2 seat HR200 and R2100 series.

Mistral Aviation is now owned by Steve and Jennie Bailey, based at Elstree, and continues to represent Robin Aircraft for the sale of new and secondhand DR400 aircraft.

In 2006, the 2 seat metal Robins were transferred to Alpha Aviation in New Zealand where the ALPHA 120 (R2120) and ALPHA 160 (R2160) are now manufactured.

John Kistner at Grosvenor Aircraft continues to specialise in used examples of the 2 seat metal Robins and ALPHAs.

A Summary of the 2 Seat Metal Types

  • HR200/100 – manufactured by Robin 1973-1981
  • HR200/120B – manufactured by Robin 1993-2002
  • R2120 – manufactured by Robin 2002-2006 and thereafter in NZ as the ALPHA 120
  • R2112 – manufactured by Robin 1974-1981
  • R2160 – manufactured by Robin 1974-1981, 1994-2006 and thereafter in NZ as ALPHA 160