Used Aircraft

ROBIN HR200/120B – 1994

Originally sold new by us in 1994 to a flying club, and after several years as a club trainer had been in storage in a hangar for 2 years from 2015 until 2017, when it was extensively overhauled to new Annual/ARC at Fast Aviation, Bournemouth.  Since then, interior has been refurbished, magnetos overhauled and new battery fitted.

This is one of the Mk2 second production runs in France of the HR200 from 1993 onwards.  A delightful 2 seat tourer or a very robust and economic trainer, with crisp handling and outstanding visibility. 

Spares are available from the original manufacturers Robin in France, or from Alpha Aviation in NZ, where the type is now produced as the ALPHA 120.

Airframe hours at 7100 are typical of the type, and there are no airframe fatigue life limitation.

TTA 7150 hrs approx.
TTE 1350 hrs since zero houred Feb 2012
TTP 1350 – next o/haul due at 2000hrs

New Annual/ARC Mar 2019

£26,000 plus VAT